If you’re looking to build lean muscle, enhance your body’s recovery rate between sets or drills and to reach your long-desired fitness goals, then a great avenue through which to do so is creatine.

Beginning in the 60s, athletes and body builders experimented with the use of this anabolic agent. As the years have passed, science and research have shed new light on creatine and even produced different forms of it.

In this review, we’d like to concentrate our efforts on a creatine supplement that has not just one, but three different forms of creatine packed into its blend. Called Creacore, this product is made by a European-based company known as NutraSport….not to be confused with another product also named Creacore than is made by MuscleTech.

That said, what can you expect from the “European” Creacore. Is it worth a try or not?

We’re about to let you know…

The Good

To begin, we’re going to start off on a positive note and let you know what we like about Creacore.

First of all, although its not necessary to have multiple forms of creatine in a blend, it never hurts. After all, synergy and team work can provide major dividends.

Here are the three types of creatine found in Creacore, including:

Creatine ethyl ester – Of the three forms of creatine found in this supplement, creatine ethyl ester (CEE) is the most used. CEE is considered lipophilic, or lipid penetrable, which allows it to pass through fatty membranes in the body on its way to the blood stream in a much faster fashion than regular creatine. As such, a body can more readily uptake and absorb CEE in comparison to regular creatine.

Tricreatine orate – This form of creatine gets its name from the fact that it is a creatine molecule bonded to orotic acid. Orotic acid has the unique ability to promote muscle protein synthesis and to form creatine phosphate, which in turn, is converted into ATP.

Creatine alpha-ketoglutarate – Creatine AKG, like its name states, is a combination of one creatine molecule and one alpha-ketoglutarate moelcule. AKG is considered a Krebs Cycle intermediate, which allows it to enter muscle cells much quicker than regular creatine. In other words, when creatine attaches itself to AKG, its uptake rate is enhanced significantly.

As you can tell, all three forms of creatine found in Creacore can be considered more effective and efficient as anabolic agents compared to regular creatine.

The Bad

On the flip side, although you can find three proven forms of creatine in Creacore, it does not seem that Nutracore has put in the time and effort to “micronize” or “hydrolyze” the creatine found in this product’s blend.

We bring this point up because creatine molecules – especially when combined with other molecules – can be quite large and hard for a body to digest.

Although this is only a minor knock against this product, users shouldn’t be surprised if they encounter bloating and other side effects from time to time due to the use of Creacore.

The Skinny

In closing, we really like the fact that Creacore contains three different forms of creatine. This should go a long way in enhancing this product’s quality.

On the flip side, some individuals may encounter side effects associated with its use.

So while Creacore can be considered a good option for consumers to consider, there are definitely safety concerns that will need to be taken into account.

You can expect to pay about $40 for Creacore. Each bottle comes with 60 servings.

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Creacore Customer Reviews

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Honestly, weight gaierns are usually not a good idea. For one, they’re usually full of sugar (cell tech had 75g per serving) which is only going to make you chubby.Personally, I avoid products like this that focus on gimicks and cool graphics. Moreover, I stay away from any product that tries to hide its ingredients. I’m on their web page now and I can’t find find nutrition facts. All they are showing is a bunch of graphs with arrows and no key for reference. It’s $69 before shipping. I’d advise against it but it’s your money. If you feel like this supplement will make you workout harder (physically or psychologically) go for it.

Lucas May 13, 2012 at 1:10 pm

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