Ranking Process

We are no stranger to creatine supplements. Through the years we’ve conducted in-depth analysis on hundreds of creatine powders, holding them up to the strictest standards. By weeding out products that provide no benefits, cause creatine bloating, or contain bottom of the barrel ingredients, we’ve narrowed in on the some of the most effective products out there. We have recommended these top supplements best on the following criteria:

1. Caliber of Ingredients

As with any supplement, you need to be sure what a creatine powder is made of before you put it into your body. If you’re ingesting low quality creatine, the body will have a hard time absorbing it. This of course causes the dreaded creatine bloat. Using high-caliber creatine, this unwanted side effect is easily avoidable. Additionally, creatine supplements often come with more than just creatine. You need to be sure that these ancillary ingredients are high quality too to ensure you won’t be experiencing any unwanted side effects. Without the best ingredients, creatine powder formulas quickly unravel and lose most of their value. We’ve found products however that avoid these pitfalls and provide only the highest caliber ingredients for the highest quality results.

2. Potential Side Effects

As mentioned above, the most common side effect of a creatine product is the unwanted bloating. This occurs when you use a product that contains low-quality creatine content that can’t be absorbed by muscles or the body correctly. However, when you use top quality creatine, you’ll find that it absorbs easily, thus eliminating bloating. Aside from creatine, the additional ingredients found in these supplements may threaten to cause side effects as well. To mitigate side effects and maximize benefits, we took it upon ourselves to find creatine powders that contained only the safest, topnotch ingredients.

3. Speed of Results

Not all creatine powders are created equal, especially when it comes to how fast they work. Some take weeks to show benefits while others take days. The best however should work instantly, providing immediate and noticeable results. Good creatine powders allow you to start feeling a difference the first time you use them. Don’t settle for powders that leave you wanting more and take months to start working.

4. Long Term Results

After producing immediate results, a good creatine powder is going to provide steady results as time goes on. Immediate results are good, but some creatine supplements stop being effective after a few uses. That’s why it’s important to find creatine powders that will continually remain beneficial to your workouts for years to come.

5. Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is one of the best ways to assess a supplement. Most of customer reviews provide valuable, unbiased information that can help you make better consumer decisions. While reviewing and ranking the creatine supplements, customer reports were an important tool in our evaluation. Using them, we were able to find products that worked for regular people just like you.